Write less code. Solve more problems.

In the next five years, due to growing demand, analysts expect a revolution in the use of RAD tools for software development.

It has already begun -
50% of growth rate.

Leaders of Rapid Application Development software note more than 50% of growth rate by comparing incomes year by year.

Be first.

Start working on low-code platform now. Carry out 80% of a project very fast and overcome limitations by writing your own code only when necessary.

Join us!

flexible working hours
possibilities in professional development
stable employment conditions + benefits
freshly ground coffee and lemonade every day at our office:)

Rapid Application Engineer

Apply if you have:

  • Master of science computing
  • Great english skills​
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript​
  • Basic knowledge of Database, SQL syntax, relationships etc.​
  • REST API basics, AJAX​
  • Basic app design, understanding of various artifacts etc.​
  • Java syntax, class, methods and annotation for building backend services​
  • Analytical thinking​

No-code Developer

Contact us if you have:

knowing relational database concepts
analytical thinking,
identification and specification of customer requirements,

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