You will not avoid
the Software Crisis.

Get ready.

Check symptoms

Lack of flexibility in problem solving.  Mechanical repetition of the same activites and ERP system which does not support all precesses. You waste your time

Keep calm

Digitisation and technological change are continuous processes. Software modernising is an easier work, faster problem solving and increased flexibility in action of your employees.

Hire us

We can an app for you or provide you with tools and teach you how to use them. We integrate existing software and things into the combined ecosystem.

Free FileMaker workshop

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Rapid Application Development

To create a working prototype of an application quickly, in close cooperation with a customer – that is the idea of Rapid Application Development (RAD). To achieve this we use tools which reduce coding.

Why Rapid Application Development?

Easy start

a user interface appears and is visible for the customer from the first day of work.

Immediate effects

you solve a problem and benefit together with the first version of application.

Possibility of development

an application being created is like buildings made out of toy blocks, at any time it can be extended and another elements can be added.

Lower cost

building an application does not require programming for several months, which significantly reduces its costs.

Prototyping on a budget

the most advanced and time-consuming works are carried out in the last phase of production, when the customer is sure about benefits.

Create your application,
meet FileMaker.

Build your internal team of rapid developers in a few weeks.

Create your own, dedicated applications without coding. Each of them can be adapted to a different task and work as you need. We will train you in using tools, good practices and methodology of Rapid Application Development.

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Do you need more?

Complex applications, scalability, high availability.

If you need an application with complex business logic, made available for lots of users – also for non-members of organization – we will create it for you on the basis of a low-code platform. In Omniteq we focus on business problem solving in the most efficient way as it is possible – we write code only when necessary.

Rapid application development is a process which is carried out in close cooperation with you. From the first day you see how user interface looks like, solve a problem and get benefits.


All applications you use, although they seem to be independent, must create a combined ecosystem. Integrity of different applications dedicated to particular tasks is crucial to keep data coherence and accelerate the flow of information.


All applications you use, although they seem to be independent, must create a combined ecosystem. Integrity of different applications dedicated to particular tasks is crucial to keep data coherence and accelerate the flow of information.

Software crisis?

The increasing demand for programming services and shortage of skilled workers, force companies to find new solutions. See what media and experts say about a revolution in the process of software development.

An inspiring presentation by Tara Reed about doing great things without writing code.

Meet the fears of Polish IT companies before introduction of low-code platforms.

Find out why now it is the best moment to take a rest from coding.


Check out why global corporations have trusted the low-code platform


Find out why one of the world’s largest industrial powerhouses become interested in low-code platform.

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Check out which companies are the leaders, find out what is hpaPaaS.


Meet the fears of developers.


Don’t confuse low-code with no-code.


Requirements completing and cataloguing as well as logical thinking are helpful for no-code tools. It is also important to be able to decompose event sequences (actions) and describe them for easier implementation using a script. In addition, it is necessary to know the concepts of relational databases. Low-code tools require basic knowledge of a number of languages and standards: Java or C#, JS, SQL, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON. Most of them are not difficult to master, but it takes time.

To learn how to use a low-code platform (such as FileMaker) it takes 2 days for the basic level training and 2 days for the advanced level training.

The cost of a two-day basic level training is 600$ net per person.
The cost of a two-day advanced level training is 1000$ net per person.

The price depends on the chosen platform and the number of users – the more they are, the lower the cost of a single user is.

For the FileMaker platform the cost is from $15 to $11 per user per month (annual payment).

The perpetual license costs $540 per user.

Yes. We provide open solutions. When it comes to the FileMaker platform, we provide an interface which allows you to define extensions as well as overwrite scripts and views provided by us. Therefore, you will avoid damaging our part of application and safely influence its action, because if there is any problem, you can always turn off your extensions.

Without programming:
300$ net for one day of a certified senior developer’s work
230$ net for one day of a developer’s work (mid-level)
25$ net per hour of a requirements analyst and a project manager’s work

370$ net for a day of a senior programmer’s work
300$ net for a day of a junior programmer’s work