All applications you use, although they seem to be independent, must create a combined ecosystem. Integrity of different applications dedicated to particular tasks is crucial to keep data coherence and accelerate the flow of information. It is important to integrate new tools with existing software such as eCommerce or ERP, but also smaller cloud-based tools such as: Salesforce, Slack, Trello, Asana, ZenDesk, FreshDesk etc.

Enterprise Service Bus

We introduce data buses, which connect any applications and things as well as control the flow of events. Their main advantage, besides rapid flow of information, is the ability to switch any event receiver quickly. Changes of an online shop don’t have to be related with rewriting an integration with each collaborative system – ERP, CRM, logistics. Creation of a new order still consists of the same data and causes the same effects. Just provide the event stream with a new source and that’s it.

Event Store

Certainly you use applications based on relational database in your daily work. In many tables connected with each other there are pieces of information about „final state of an object” – put simply, that are your data. In a table you will find an offer created for the customer, but not necessarily its intermediate states. Event Store is a database which stores information about events. For example – creation of an offer is an event, just like modification of an offer. We receive two events, and their aggregation gives us the final state of the offer. It is a powerful tool, particularly useful in combination with data bus (Enterprise Service Bus), which has to intercept events and spread them over the network of connections – for better flow of information.

Clear interface

The multitude of applications always confuses employees. Does it mean that all tools should remain in one application? Not at all. ERP Systems have already grown to huge dimensions, but lost their ergonomics and flexibility. An answer is a clear homepage, which focuses all tools and directs the user to the appropriate one, which is needed at the moment – like applications in your phone.