Requirements completing and cataloguing as well as logical thinking are helpful
for no-code tools. It is also important to be able to decompose event sequences
(actions) and describe them for easier implementation using a script. In
addition, it is necessary to know the concepts of relational databases.

Low-code tools require basic knowledge of a number of languages and
standards: Java or C#, JS, SQL, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON. Most of them are not
difficult to master, but it takes time.

The problem of application security developed by people from outside IT is
known and discussed for years. Omniteq solves it through training in
methodology and good practices.

We increase awareness of employees, provide universal safety rules and
illustrate their use during practical exercises.

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The tools we use were designed to rapid application development for business.
We achieve most of the functionality using the abilities offered by the platform.
We overcome any possible limitations with our own code – JavaScript, Java,

To learn how to use a low-code platform (such as FileMaker) it takes 2 days for
the basic level training and 2 days for the advanced level training.

The cost of a two-day basic level training is 600$ net per person.
The cost of a two-day advanced level training is 1000$ net per person.

The price depends on the chosen platform and the number of users – the more
they are, the lower the cost of a single user is.
For the FileMaker platform the cost is from $15 to $11 per user per month
(annual payment).
The perpetual license costs $540 per user.

Yes. We provide open solutions. When it comes to the FileMaker platform, we
provide an interface which allows you to define extensions as well as overwrite
scripts and views provided by us. Therefore, you will avoid damaging our part
of application and safely influence its action, because if there is any problem,
you can always turn off your extensions.

Without programming:
300$ net for one day of a certified senior developer’s work
200$ net for one day of a developer’s work (mid-level)
25$ net per hour of a requirements analyst and a project manager’s work

370$ net for a day of a senior programmer’s work
300$ net for a day of a junior programmer’s work