Rapid Application Development

Whether you represent a small business or a bigger organization, you are dependent on systems you use. 

There is a lot of applications for business development and workforce optimization, but unfortunately in most cases they do not fully meet specific and unique business needs.

Rapid Application Development is a compromise between expensive and time-consuming programming and non-flexible box software.

Low-code platform
is the solution you can afford

If you need an application with complex business logic, made available for lots of users – also for non members of organization – we will create it for you on the basis of a low-code platform. In Omniteq we focus on business problem solving in the most efficient way as it is possible – we write code only when necessary.

Rapid application development is a process which is carried out in close cooperation with you.


Did you find any process that requires improvement?

Describe it and we will suggest you the best solution and tool.

Easy start

a user interface appears and is visible for the customer from the first day of work.

Immediate effects

you solve a problem and benefit together with the first version of application.

Possibility of development

an application being created is like buildings made out of toy blocks, at any time it can be extended and another elements can be added.

Lower cost

building an application does not require programming for several months, which significantly reduces its costs.

Prototyping on a budget

the most advanced and time-consuming works are carried out in the last phase of production, when the customer is sure about benefits.

10 hours? Lots of time

Prepare description of your business challenges and hire us for 10 hours.
Find out what we can do using Rapid Application Development tools.

Low-code solutions

In almost every segment of business, education and government, millions of customers use RAD apps.
Look what was built with minimizing the use of code.


Yes. We provide open solutions. When it comes to the FileMaker platform, we provide an interface which allows you to define extensions as well as overwrite scripts and views provided by us. Therefore, you will avoid damaging our part of application and safely influence its action, because if there is any problem, you can always turn off your extensions.

Without programming:

300$ net for one day of a certified senior developer’s work
200$ net for one day of a developer’s work (mid-level)
25$ net per hour of a requirements analyst and a project manager’s work


370$ net for a day of a senior programmer’s work

300$ net for a day of a junior programmer’s work

The tools we use were designed to rapid application development for business. We achieve most of the functionality using the abilities offered by the platform. We overcome any possible limitations with our own code – JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS.