Over the next 5 years, due to the growing demand, analysts expect a turn over in terms of use RAD tools for software development.

Rapid Application Development Methodology

Learn more about Rapid Application Development. During this training we present the following issues:

  • Analysis and documentation of requirements
  • Project management
  • Production process
  • Tests
  • Change management
  • Safety

You will get theoretical knowledge and check its use during practical exercises. At each stage we introduce IT tools, which make the orderliness of entire development process easier.

Rapid Application
Development Tools

This training helps you to gain practical skills of using a platform for rapid application development. We share our experience, which enables you to save time and avoid failure during your first projects.

Issues presented on this training path are:

  • Using a low-code or no-code platform
  • Production process
  • Good practice

Price list

The cost of a two-day training:


per person – basic level


per person – advanced level

600 $

per person – RAD Methodology.

*Net prices

Training Outline​

Duration: 16 hours

  1. FileMaker platform overview.
  2. FileMaker Pro Advanced – connecting to a database, adding connection to favorites.
  3. Introduction to FileMaker Pro Advanced interface.
  4. Record operations (adding, removing, modifying, duplication).
  5. Advanced searching – operators, requests, search results, records omitting.
  6. Importing and exporting records.
  7. FileMaker Pro Advanced preferences.
  8. Find and replace.
  9. Text formatting.
  10. Container fields.
  11. Saving records (excel, pdf, snapshot).
  12. Creating scripts
  13. Calculations.
  14. Tables and fields.
  15. Relations.
  16. Triggers.
  17. Inspector – overview.
  18. Creating views – basics.
  19. Privileges.
  20. Portals.

Duration: 16 hours

  1. Naming convention.
  2. Universal scripts.
  3. Plugin usage.
  4. Connecting to external databases.
  5. Custom functions.
  6. Good practices – views, scripts, optimization.
  7. FileMaker Server – installation and management.
  8. Custom menu.
  9. Creating printouts and reports.
  10. Creating charts.
  11. Useful tricks.
  12. Useful tools for developers.
  13. Database planning.
  14. Debugging.
  15. Creating and using Database Design Report
  16. Runtime application generator.
  17. Mobile interface.
  18. WebDirect.